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I have known the Kendall Flower Shop for almost 20 years now.  I find Beth (the owner) and her team to be helpful, handy and I have never been disappointed!  

My office is now directly across the street, and I find it extremely convenient to have a quality flower shop so close!  I always seem to find what I need.

–Andy O.,

My wife works not too far from Kendall Flower Shop. I call regularly with ridiculous requests. Kendall Flower delivers. The flowers are generally very fresh (they last for sometime after delivery), and the flowers arrive when they say that they will arrive.

The owner is always happy to help. They've been very good to me. 


For the better part of a year and a half, I went to Kendall Flowers to pick out an assortment for my company's reception desk. The shoppe always had fresh flowers in stock, always had something interesting or unusual, and always gave me lots of great ideas, wanting to come back for more (for me!). The staff is very friendly and accommodating. We have a tight floral budget at work, and the staff always helped me find the most bang for my buck.

And since we've started having the flowers delivered, nothing has changed. Only now they send inspiring unique assortments that make our reception desk pop!

The woman who runs the shop is always an email away and gets back to my zillions of queries quickly. It's a pleasure doing business with Beth.

And for the holidays, they also do wreaths and poinsettias.

–Molly S.

Splashes of color and sweet music are both welcome in the stark environment of Kendall Square ( a favorite place of mine, to be sure), and the Kendall Flower Shop provides both. Of course they have flowers- dozens of kinds, both affordable and luxurious types. As soon as they open up, the flowers are placed in buckets on the brick sidewalk right outside the front door, adding a lovely touch of nature to this block, which features an entrance to the Red Line, a bank, a post office and not much else.

They also play music. When you rush by on your way to work, you will hear some old standards, classic rock and songs that just about anyone can hum along to. Some days when I pass through Kendall Square, burdened with work issues, bad weather, a broken umbrella and ill fitting shoes, I hear some great tune by Richie Havens or Van Morrison and hey....all of my silly worries go away.

Customer service is terrific. They are friendly and deliver when they say they will. I have gone in to order, purchased for myself and called to place orders, and in all situations I was met with efficient, friendly people.

And here is the greatest thing. On the day of the MIT memorial service for Officer Sean Collier, April 24, 2013, they offered free white flowers in his honor. Sweet.

–Dorothy W.,
Cambridge, MA

Kendall Flowers is the best in Kendall Square, Beth has helped us keep our corporate offices fresh.

–Steve Smith,
Biogen Idec